About Us

About Us

Welcome! I’m Debra – a traveler,  a walker, a beginning blogger and a coffee drinker. This is where I share my stories, my thoughts and my endeavours. I hope you enjoy the site!

Hello – I’m Mark, I like to travel and discover new places and ideas. I do get bored fairly easily, so I’m hoping the Camino will be an ever changing and (comfortably) challenging experience. The distance ahead of us to walk does seem daunting.

2017 – Camino Frances

Hello – I’m Julia and by setting out on this walk, I am looking forward to a much slower pace of life for a while, meeting new people, sampling some typical foods of Spain ( I am a foodie at heart), seeing new places and the challenge of stepping way out of my comfort zone on this Camino               journey. (Camino Frances – 2017)

Hello – I’m Geoff and I am looking for a different adventure by deciding to talk the talk and walk the walk through northern Spain. I am an inquisitive person by nature and can’t wait to follow the yellow arrows and what ever I encounter…  Hope you enjoy El Camino whilst I tackle something new in my life. (Camino Frances – 2017)

Hello – I’m Cindy, I like to try different things and push myself out of my comfort zone.  I enjoy travel, adventure, the unknown and unexpected.  I am hoping to have a great adventure with my four fellow travellers. (Camino Frances – 2017)