Day 10 – Rest Day – Logroño

Day 10 – Rest Day – Logroño

Date: 11 September 2018

Today was a rest day in Logroño which means three things – laundromat, a wee bit of shopping and a leisurely lunch. As Logroño is a city that we have contemplated moving to for a couple of years, we were interested to see if we could get jobs as English language teachers. We randomly knocked on a door of an English language school, and the door was opened by a young Scottish lady who was extremely relieved that she did not have to converse in Spanish. We spoke with her and the owner for about an hour and we were very encouraged that we may be able to pick up gainful employment as language teachers in Logroño. There may also be opportunities for English speakers in the wine industry.

Feeling somewhat buoyed by that experience, we wandered back into the main cathedral square and ran into some American and British pilgrims that we had met  previously. We spent a pleasant hour or so chatting with them.

In the evening we went out to Calle del Laurel with pilgrims from North Carolina and Colorado. The tapas was superb and very cheap. Nancy from Colorado is heading off to be a hospitalero (volunteer) at a donativo  albergue in Rabanal del Camino and we hope to meet up with her there at the end of the month.

We both love Logroño. Tomorrow’s walk is a short 13 kilometres to Navarette.


Plaza del Mercado
Tapas in Calle del Laurel
Outside Tapas bar
Jonathan from North Carolina

4 thoughts on “Day 10 – Rest Day – Logroño

  1. Loving reading the blog you guys! We are enjoying comparing last years posts to these ones. So different, but equally really interesting with your fiestas, different vistas, Camino comrades etc… keep on keeping on!

    1. It is very different from last time. The weather is so much hotter and we don’t have our regulars to have Sangria at the end of the day with.

  2. You guys are having too much fun. I hope the blisters don’t cause you any troubles. I am reliving some many memories from your descriptions and photos. Have a great time.

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