Day 12 – Navarette to Nájera

Day 12 – Navarette to Nájera

Date: 13 September 2018

Departure Time: 07:26 am
Arrival Time: 12:06 pm
Distance: 16.5 kms
Cumulative Distance: 207.5 kms
Percentage Completed: 22.45%
Accommodation: Pensión San Lorenzo
Weather: Cool, cloudy – 18 degrees

Today was a beautiful day of walking. It was only 16 kilometres, the countryside was relatively flat, there was little bitumen and the temperature was pleasant. Once again, we had a day of walking through vineyards almost ready for harvest. There seemed to be many fewer pilgrims on the road today, but that may have been because not that many stay overnight in Navarrete, and hence we were always behind or ahead of the crowd.

The only stopping place today was the small hamlet of Ventosa. We gratefully sat at tables on the ubiquitous red plastic chairs and had a mid morning constitutional of cafe con leche, freshly squeezed orange juice and a croissant. Pilgrims who followed Brierley’s latest revised guide will actually miss Ventosa, as his recommended path bypasses it. This  means that there would be no breaks for 16 kilometres.

We arrived in Nájera relatively early about 12 midday and lunched by the river. We visited the impressive  Monastery of Santa Maria la Real which has an interesting legend of a past king discovering an image of the Virgin Mary in a cave – the rest of the story was in Spanish, so not sure what happened. We met up and chatted with some Welsh pilgrims who advised us that Australia has had more Welsh Prime Ministers than the UK has.

Tomorrow is 22 kilometres to Santo Domingo de la Calzada.

Leaving Navarrette

Anyone who has walked the Camino knows what these mean
Our first red poppy
Olives growing
Typical path we walked on today
Vines laden with fruit
Rows of vines

Bridge over Rió Nájerilla
First sangria
Street art
Street art
Street art

Street art

St James

Welsh pilgrims

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