Day 15 – Belorado to Atapuerca

Day 15 – Belorado to Atapuerca

Date: 16 September 2018

Departure Time: 06:27 am
Arrival Time: 3:25 pm
Distance: 30.7 kms
Cumulative Distance: 283.2 kms
Percentage Completed: 30.64%
Accommodation: Hotel Rural Papasol
Weather: Sunny day – 28 degrees

Today we walked from Belorado to Atapuerca which was just over 31 kilometres. We left at about 06:30 am and walked for over an hour in the dark with headlamps. The trail was so bereft of pilgrims that at times we thought we had taken a wrong turn. However, we just seemed to have beaten the crowd to the trail as we were on the right path.

Just like yesterday it was a day of three parts. The first 12 kilometres was through rolling farmlands and small villages. The second 12 kilometres was quite gruelling through a hilltop forest  called Montes de Oca. The pathway through this has a very chequered history – in medieval times many pilgrims were killed by bandits and, more recently it was the scene of genocide during the Spanish Civil War. The final 6 kilometres was on rocky paths and roads and was fairly uninspiring.

Debra survived the walk very well, however it was a bad day for Mark’s feet. He acquired 4 blisters, which even 3 gin and tonics couldn’t cure. Interesting enough it was the same days walk last Camino that caused him significant blister damage. Tomorrow promises to be an uninteresting walk into Burgos as the path skirts the airport and industrial land.

Artwork leaving Belorado
Artwork leaving Belorado
Sunrise over Belorado
Fields of sunflowers

Long road ahead
Monument for Republicans executed during the Spanish Civil War
Pilgrim rest stop

Church in San Juan de Ortega
Gin and Tonics to relieve the pain of walking

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