Day 16 – Rest day Burgos

Day 16 – Rest day Burgos

Date: 7th May 2017

Had a rest day in Burgos today. It was much needed after nine days of walking. It was Mother’s day in Burgos, and it was really amazing how many families were out and about in their Sunday best. Everybody was very impressed with the central city area where we stayed. It was very clean, pretty and friendly.

The highlight of the day was the visit to Burgos cathedral and then attendance at the Pilgrims Mass that evening. Two of our pilgrims were struggling a bit – Cindy with an ankle injury and Mark with blisters. Geoff managed a visit to the Museum of Human Evolution whilst the rest of us visited the laundromat. Both left us in a spin.

We stayed at the Hotel Férnan Gonzaléz, 40 % of pilgrims liked the hotel and 60% of pilgrims didn’t like it, naming it the Adams Family Hotel.

Acting like a pilgrim
Julia dressed for dinner – Camino style

Pilgrim statue in front of Burgos Cathedral

Beautiful statues around Burgos
Colourful umbrellas
Mary Poppins street


Burgos Cathedral
Retablo Burgos Cathedral
Ceiling in Burgos Cathedral
Burgos Cathedral

2 thoughts on “Day 16 – Rest day Burgos

  1. Thanks Ian. Can’t seem to shake blisters but walking better now. Smelling lots of roses. The toll on the body is harder than first thought, but vino Tinto helps.

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