Day 17 – Rest Day – Burgos

Day 17 – Rest Day – Burgos

Date: 18 September 2018

Today we spent a pleasant day in Burgos. We did the usual rest day chores of laundry and some shopping. We also had a leisurely breakfast, a leisurely lunch and a leisurely dinner. Shopping included a €6 cab ride to Decathlon where we each bought a small €8 backpack. 

However, the highlight of the day was a 40 minute journey on the aptly named Chu Chu Tourist train which for the princely sum of €4.60 each.  It took us to the main tourist sights around town. We have learnt not to drink coke in Spain. Two cokes cost about €5 whereas two glasses of wine cost half that. 

We also went to the Orange store and found out that our wonderful phone plan of €20 per month, 10 gb data and 80 minutes of talk time has a downside of costing €1.10 per text. 

On the previous evening we caught up with a number of pilgrims for dinner who had also invited a number of other pilgrims. It was somewhat amazing that, out of the total of 12 people, 8 of us had been at Refuge Orisson (the first night’s stay on the Camino) on the same night. 

Burgos Cathedral at sunrise

 Pilgrim with pilgrim statuePilgrim with pilgrim statue

Fun Tourist Train

Doing our rest day chores – laundry
Still smelling the roses
I was allowed to smell the roses
Statue of El Cid
  Lining up to get into an  alburgue – not us!
Overlooking Burgos from the Citadel
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