Day 19 – Castrojeriz to Frómista

Day 19 – Castrojeriz to Frómista

Date: 10th May 2017

Departure time: 08:00
Arrival Time: 15:45
Distance: 25 kms
Cumulative Distance: 356 kms
Percentage Completed: 45.6%
Accommodation: Hostal Camino de Santiago
Weather: Cloudy with short period of rain
Debra – Relatively easy walk but one major incline and decline
Mark – Stunning early views then a boring country road

This was a day of two parts. The day started with a steep climb to a tabletop pleateau on a mesa which offered stunning views back over Castrojeriz. The day then developed into a long somewhat tedious hike along a little used road between crop fields. Walking beside a canal at the approach of Fromista broke some of the tedium. We did get caught in a brief thunderstorm towards the conclusion of the day. Fromista itself was a surprising large centre and once again we spent quite a few euro on foot care products. These included syringes for draining blisters, compeed for preventing and protecting blisters and a special pharmacist cream for healing blisters.

We had another great 10€ pilgrims meal. Cindy rested her foot again with a taxi ride and is quickly becoming our on the spot historian.

We stayed at Hotel Camino de Santiago which was run by a very effervescent woman who greeted us with beer on arrival and insisted we have a sleep because we arrived during siesta time. It really was a lovely place to stay.

The big news of the day was that Mark acquired no new blisters. We have learnt one interesting fact about Spanish people – the more you indicate to them that you speak no Spanish, the faster they will speak to you in Spanish, seemingly having a very optimistic view that you will acquire near fluent use of the language simply as a result of them speaking at you very quickly.

Not far now!!!

Hill overlooking Castrojeriz

Sometimes we really feel like it.

Archetypical Camino photo of the Meseta

5 thoughts on “Day 19 – Castrojeriz to Frómista

  1. Almost half way! What an achievement.
    Poor Mark and his blisters. I guess the blistering pilgrims provide a steady income for the shops along the way with sales of blister treatment products!

  2. Hey guys, I’m following your adventures with interest. Looks like I spent a few days in the same towns, but we didn’t cross paths. That storm in Castrojeriz was amazing! Our restaurant flooded!. I’m in El Burgo Ranero tonight (day21 for me).
    Check out my blog at robyn Varley photography on Facebook 🙂
    Cheers, Robyn

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