Day 20 – Frómista to Carrión de Los Condes

Day 20 – Frómista to Carrión de Los Condes

Date: 11 May 2017

Departure time: 07:30
Arrival Time: 13:30
Distance: 21 kms
Cumulative Distance: 377 kms
Percentage Completed: 48.3%
Accommodation: Hotel Real Monasterio de San Zoilo
Weather: Cold, windy and showery 12 degrees
Debra – Easy walk amongst the howling wind and rain
Mark – Easy boring walk along the road – perfect for rainy weather and healing blisters

Today was an uncomfortable walking day. We just followed a road in the rain and wind. As you can see from the photos we sheltered in a roadside hut to get out of the wind and rain for a while. . It was interesting when we got to Carrión de Los Condes as we saw a large number of pilgrims getting onto a commercial bus to León. Chatting to them highlighted the variety of reasons why they were catching the bus- some had run out of time, some were injured and some had succumbed to the boredom of the Meseta.

We stayed at Hotel Real Monasterio des  San Zoilo. As the name implies this hotel was located in an old monastery and is quite outstanding. Mark rested whilst the remainder of the pilgrims caught a taxi back into town to do some shopping. The Foley’s now have “you beaut ” ponchos. Julia now looks like red riding hood.

We dined at the restaurant in the monastery, which was quite expensive at €34 a person and probably not worth the extra money spent. In Spain you are usually given copious amounts of free bread with every meal. At this restaurant we were each offered a small bread roll during the meal and then charged €2.20 for each of those meagre proportions. However, where else could you go to a high class restaurant in thongs and sandals. It was a thoroughly enjoyable night.

Leaving Frómista
Outside of Frómista
Walking in the wind and rain
Pilgrim statue in Revenga de Campos
Huddled in a shelter from the rain and wind – Villalcázar de Sirga
Entering Carrión de Los Condes
Real Monasterio de San Zoilo
San Zoilo
Cloister in the Monastery
Shell attached to the door key
The best hot chocolate ever
Calimocho – A combination of red wine and coke – popular in Spain
Fine dining at San Zoilo Monastery

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