Day 23 – Ledigos to Sahagún

Day 23 – Ledigos to Sahagún

Date: 24 September 2018

Departure Time: 07:14 am
Arrival Time: 11:30 am
Distance: 16.7 kms
Cumulative Distance: 431 kms
Percentage Completed: 50.2%
Accommodation: Los Balcones del Camino
Weather: Sunny and clear skies – 22 degrees



Today was a relatively short walk of 16.7 kilometres to Sahagún. The colours in the sky were quite magical as the sun rose. It is not often that you see a sky that has both purple and pink hues. We caught up early with some pilgrims from the UK, Julie and Frances, with whom we had dined with on multiple occasions recently. Sadly they are returning home once they reach León in a few days. One significant moment on today’s walk was passing the official half way point between St Jean Pied de Port and Santiago. However, as we are walking to Muxia , our own personal half way point will not be reached until the day after tomorrow. The walk itself was pleasant but uneventful, apart from the fact that we have unlocked the secret of where sunflowers go to die.

Booking into our accommodation was an interesting experience. We phoned a number that was on the door, to be advised that somebody would be with us within five minutes. After no-one turned up after thirty minutes, we phoned again and were given a code to the front door with the instructions to choose any room with a key in the door. Hence, we unpacked, showered, and went to lunch without contact from anyone who ran the place. We even had to phone later in the evening to arrange payment. So nice that the Spanish people are  so trusting.

We discovered this Camino that it is possible to obtain a “halfway certificate” at Iglesia del Peregrina. We weren’t sure how to keep them in pristine condition in a backpack, but then the Camino provided an opportune Correos  and we posted them home.

Tomorrow is a long trek of about 32 kilometres to Reliegos.

Long straight path
Beautiful pink and blue hues of sunrise

Fellow pilgrims Frances and Julie from the UK
Bodega in Moratinos
Knitted trees

Sunflower graveyard
Halfway point in Sahagún

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