Day 24 – Sahagún to Reliegos

Day 24 – Sahagún to Reliegos

Date: 25 September 2018

Departure Time: 0:652 am
Arrival Time: 2:28 pm
Distance: 32.5kms
Cumulative Distance: 462.3 kms
Percentage Completed: 52.02%

Weather:  Clear blue sky – 8 degrees early morning /22 degrees later in the day

Today we walked 32.5 kilometres to Reliegos. The two highlights of the day were watching a stunning full moon set as we walked in the early hours of the morning, and then later eventually stumbling across a curve in the road. Yes, today was a very long walk along a comfortable path, that generally went dead straight next to a little used bitumen country road. There were two pleasant stops at Bercianos and El Burgo Ranero. What was amazing today was that we saw very few other pilgrims on the path, probably no more than ten in total. This was a stark contrast to the “pilgrim highway “ of only two days before. After racking our brains for several hours, the only sensible conclusion we could come to was that most of the other pilgrims have been abducted by aliens (or not stupid enough to walk so far). It truly was bizarre how quickly the number of pilgrims had reduced and it was quite spooky walking these dead straight paths for hours on end totally devoid of human kind (even no locals or wild life).

The weather today turned suprisingly cold, but was absolutely perfect.  As we write this, we have booked into our Albergue, had lunch and a few beers, and are still struggling to get the proprietor to accept any payment. Once again, so trusting are the Spaniards.

Tomorrow we have a somewhat pedestrian  25 kilometre walk into León. Any walk into a major city lacks the beauty of the countryside.

Full moon setting
Stunning early morning walk

Stunning skies
Sunrise at 08:15 am
This path went straight for about 20 kilometres
Yay – a curve in the road
Finally after 32.5 kilometres
Still can’t perfect the door pose

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