Day 27 – Villadangos del Paramo to Astorga

Day 27 – Villadangos del Paramo to Astorga

Date: 18th May 2017

Departure time: 06:35
Arrival Time: 15:15
Distance: 28 kms
Cumulative Distance: 523 kms
Percentage Completed: 67%
Accommodation: Hotel Astur Plaza
Weather: Cold and sunny with occasional clouds 14 degrees
Debra – Lovely easy walk
Mark – Took a taxi with Julia

Today only 60% of pilgrims walked. Julia on doctors advice due to  a sore Achilles’ tendon had today off. Mark after suffering from a bout of gastro overnight decided that caution was the better part of valour and that walking a path with few rest stops was  decidedly unwise. Cindy and Debra walked the road route whilst Geoff took the more scenic route. Julia and Mark shared a taxi to Astorga.

The highlight of the day was the bridge in Hospital de Obrigo. It was so surreal you felt that a jousting competition  would break out.

We stayed at Hotel Astur Plaza which was centrally located in the main square. At €72 per night for a double room it was good value. It was also a great place for Mark and Julia to rest. Astorga, itself is a beautiful little town. Everyone except Mark visited the Cathedral and the Palacia de Gaudi. The girls also visited the Astoria chocolate museum where we tasted and bought some great chocolate.

Hospital de Orbigo
Hospital de Orbigo – Old Orbigo bridge

San Justo de la Vega
Entertaining the pilgrims at San Justo de la Vega
Pilgrim statue San Justo de la Vega
Pilgrim statue Astorga

Palacia de Gaudi –

Cathedral Astorga
Stained glass window Astorga cathedral
Cathedral at Astorga

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  1. Such a great blog, Debra. I was thinking that you could do a very nice coffe table book of all the wonderful pilgrim statues that you’ve come across.

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