Day 30 – Rabanal del Camino to Molinaseca

Day 30 – Rabanal del Camino to Molinaseca

Date: 1 October 2018

Departure Time: 07:33 am
Arrival Time: 2:45 pm
Distance: 25.5 kms
Cumulative Distance: 584 kms
Percentage Completed: 63.18 %
Accommodation: Hostal el Palacio
Weather: Cool start to the day – 4 degrees, High of 21 degrees

Today was one of the most challenging, satisfying, and beautiful days on the Camino thus far. We walked from Rabanal del Camino to Molinaseca in ideal weather and ever changing landscape. The path underfoot was very difficult at times and it would have been a nightmare to do it in wet weather. Debra really struggled on this leg last year but breezed through it today. Mark’s feet are holding up well. We are both feeling really strong, the best we have both felt on the Camino. 

We don’t really feel we need to say much about today – we think the pictures tell the story. We are staying tonight in the simply beautiful village of Molinaseca, enjoying gin by the river. Tomorrow we have a minuscule walk of only 8 kilometres to Ponferrada. Yay!

Sunrise over Rabanal del Camino


Cruz de Ferro
Cruz de Ferro

Typical of the paths today


Descent into Molinaseca



6 thoughts on “Day 30 – Rabanal del Camino to Molinaseca

  1. Great going, guys! You both look reinvigorated!! Better sleep? More gin??(haha!) Buen Camino!!! xx

    1. Gin is obviously good for blisters but have had to take it easy as they are so potent and expensive compared to wine and beer

  2. Hey!!! So glad you’re both going strong. Miss you guys and the Camino and all of the pilgrims we met. I’m living vicariously through you. Love your site.

    1. Miss you and Frances as well. It certainly is great being privileged enough to do this twice.

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