Day 32 – Las Herrerias to Alto Do Poio

Day 32 – Las Herrerias to Alto Do Poio

Date: 23rd May 2017

Departure time: 06:30
Arrival Time: 12:30
Distance: 17 kms
Cumulative Distance: 639 kms
Percentage Completed: 81.9%
Accommodation: Pension Santa Maria
Weather: Clear, sunny 29 degrees
Debra – Pleasant uphill walk with a nasty uphill to finish the day
Mark – Best view in the world to have drinks

Today is supposed to be a difficult day walking to O’Cebrerio in what are often very rainy conditions. We were lucky enough to walk in almost perfect weather. The steep walk up to O’Cebrerio was difficult on the legs but really quite beautiful. As we had over a months training behind us it wasn’t as difficult as we thought it might be.

The walk from O’Cebrerio to Alto do Poio (where we stayed the night) was fairly unremarkable but did have some difficult hills. Alto do Poio itself was an interesting place. There only two establishments in town which face each other across a major regional road. They seem to be in competition with each other and the manager of the hostal where we stayed at was not happy that we ate lunch at the rival establishment. To be honest we weren’t that happy either particularly when our eating was disturbed by chickens running through the bar.

The highlight of the day was having drinks atop a large hill which crested the path into “the town”. In our sadistic way we enjoyed drinking and watching pilgrims struggle up the final hill which we had conquered earlier.

Sunrise leaving Las Herrerias
Sunrise views of Vega de Valcarce
Sunrise Las Herrerias
Lichen on the trees
Pilgrim shadow on the path


Marker between León and Galicia

Pilgrim statue O’Cebrerio
Pilgrim statue O’ Cebrerio
Way marker
More wildflowers
Pilgrim statue
Our home for the night
View from Alto do Poio
Perfect drinking spot
Best spot in the world to have a beer and to contemplate what we have achieved

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  1. I’m feeling there should be a bubble head caption for that last photo. What were you all thinking?? Am loving those wildflowers and reckon the chickens were a set up by your hostel manager!! Keep up the great work and here’s hoping the weather keeps being kind to you!

  2. We were all thinking that we were the luckiest people in the world to be part of this amazing adventurre

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