Day 34 – Las Herrerías to Alto do Poio

Day 34 – Las Herrerías to Alto do Poio

Date: 5 October 2018

Departure Time: 8:04 am
Arrival Time: 1:30 pm
Distance: 17 kms
Cumulative Distance: 653.2 kms
Percentage Completed: 70.67 %
Accommodation: Hostal Santa Maria Do Poio
Weather: Sunny, clear day – 25 degrees

Today was the prettiest walk of the Camino so far. It started with an 8 kilometre climb up to O’Cebrerio which rewarded us with stunning verdant mountain views. The path underfoot was tricky at times but very doable in dry conditions. We wouldn’t have done it in wet conditions. The second half of the walk was equally picturesque although not as arduous. We have noticed that there are far less pilgrims on the path, although there seems to be a return of the tour groups. We are spending the night at Alto do Poio which only consists of two establishments on either side of the road. 

We spent a pleasant afternoon drinking hot chocolate and beers overlooking a scenic valley. We had many chickens for company. Later a herd of cows came our way as well. However the highlight of the day was Mark doing charades in the bar/reception area to indicate to the non-English speaking proprietor that we required more toilet paper in our room. This was followed by a conversation with a fellow pilgrim at an adjoining table over dinner about the hotel’s toilet paper status. Where else but on the Camino can you strike up a conversation with a total stranger about the abundance or otherwise of toilet paper!

Tomorrow we have a pleasant 23 kilometre walk to Samos which boasts one of the oldest monasteries in Europe. There are actually showers forecast for tomorrow plus a high of 11 degrees. We are going to have to dust off our wet weather and winter gear. Can’t complain though, as we have had an amazing run of perfect weather. 

Leaving before sunrise
About to begin the long, rocky climb
The path
Still going upwards
Scenic vistas all along the path
Still going upwards
Stunning views
Finally in Galicia


Pilgrim Statue at Alto de San Roque – altitude 1270m

Looking down at Pardonelo
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