Day 35 – Sarria to Portomarin

Day 35 – Sarria to Portomarin

Date: 26th May 2017

Departure time: 06:40
Arrival Time: 13:00
Distance: 22 kms
Cumulative Distance: 694 kms
Percentage Completed: 90%
Accommodation: Pension Portomino
Weather: Raining and thunderstorms 20 degrees
Debra – Easy walk though the it was raining most of the day
Mark – Almost mystical walk

Today was nearly a repeat of yesterday except that we had to contend with heavy rain and thunderstorms. The rain did contribute to a layer of mist over many of the paths which only added to the charm. We are currently in Galicia which is notorious for wet weather so today’s conditions were no surprise. The most notable aspect of the day was passing the point at which we have less than 100 kilometres to walk. While this bought a lot of satisfaction to us it also introduced a tinge of sadness, bringing home the fact that this great walk is slowly nearing its conclusion.

The only dry path of the day

Wooded pathways with overhanging trees
Not Mark’s best look

Low hanging clouds
Even the snail found it hard going in the rain
Low hanging clouds added to the mystical feel of the walk
Ethereal pathways
700+ kilometres down, less than 100 kilometres to go

Julia, Geoff and Cindy on the bridge entering Portomarin
Entering Portomarin
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