Day 36 – Samos to Sarria

Day 36 – Samos to Sarria

Date: 7 October 2018

Departure Time: 08:15 am
Arrival Time: 12:15 pm
Distance: 15 kms
Cumulative Distance: 691.5 kms
Percentage Completed: 74.82 %
Accommodation: El Malecon
Weather: Cool, overcast at times – 15 degrees

The walk today was short (16 kilometres) but very beautiful initially. We walked for about 10 kilometres from Samos along beautiful forest trails and scenic back roads until we joined the main pilgrim path from Tricastela to Sarria.  At that point it became less scenic, as we followed a secondary road.

The most surprising aspect of the day was stumbling across an extremely modern and well appointed café almost literally in the middle of nowhere. It never ceases to surprise us what little treats Spain throws our way.

We have now reached Sarria, the town where many pilgrims begin their journey, as a walk from here qualifies for a Compostela. Hence, we expect to see many more pilgrims on the road between here and Santiago. After a overcast morning, the weather has fined up and we have once again been fortunate to miss rain. However, it is much more windy and appreciably colder. We have met a number of Australian pilgrims in recent days from Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Tomorrow is a 23 kilometre walk to Portomarín.

Río Sarria

Mark was hungry.

Modern cafe in the middle of nowhere

Entering Sarria

2 thoughts on “Day 36 – Samos to Sarria

  1. Hi Mark and Deb, I have viewed your blog/site a number of times and enjoying your trek; but was drawn to comment by the photo of Mark. Funny.! Looks better than I thought w/o clothes. Glad you are having such a great time.
    Mark, Angela just came up to collect some ‘stuff’. Magic moment! She asked after you.
    cheers Ian

    1. You can see from the photo that I have lost weight. Trip is going well. How are all you guys going?

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