Day 4 – Zubiri to Pamplona

Day 4 – Zubiri to Pamplona

Date: 5 september 2018

Departure Time: 0:742 am
Arrival Time: 2:20 pm
Distance: 20.9 kms
Cumulative Distance: 68.3 kms
Percentage Completed: 7.39%
Accommodation: Sercotel Europa
Weather: Cloudy at times, humid with an early shower – 25 degrees

Today was quite a pleasant walk with only a few steep uphills, some slippery downhills and high humidity to spoil the ambience. Most of the walk was on country paths. However, the last five kilometres was through the mundane commercial outskirts of Pamplona. We are staying in the old town of Pamplona, within the old fortress walls. It is a beautiful city, with the buildings only being matched by the food.

We went to two tapas bars, including  Bar Gaucho which is well renowned. Even there, it was so cheap – a large beer, a wine and two large tapas cost only  €9. Got to love Spain. We  finished the day with very weary bodies, but no injuries or blisters. We have a rest day in Pamplona tomorrow to do laundry, buy a few supplies and see a few sights (only if they are in close shuffling proximity to the hotel).

Leaving Zubiri
Hotel Akerreta – Martin Sheen stayed here in “The Way”
Lovely rest stop for café con leche


Entering the walled city area of Pamplona

Bar Gaucho

Tapas at Bar Gaucho

One thought on “Day 4 – Zubiri to Pamplona

  1. You guys are killing me. I can remember theses photos as if it was yesterday. I also went to Bar Goucho, the food was fantastic. The only difference was It poured the whole way to Pamplona. It was great talking today. I have been waiting all day for your blog Deb. I understand how much time it takes you. It is very much appreciated. Be strong and stay safe.

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