Day 40 – Melida to Arzúa

Day 40 – Melida to Arzúa

Date: 11 October 2018

Departure Time: 08:40 am
Arrival Time: 12:00 pm
Distance: 14.6 kms
Cumulative Distance: 769.7 kms
Percentage Completed: 83.28 %
Accommodation: Albergue Pensión Cima do Lugar
Weather: Early rain then cloudy – 17 degrees

Today we had a relatively short walk of 15 kilometres from Melide to Arzúa. Once again it was pretty enough but unremarkable. What is remarkable is that we are not writing this particular blog page until the following day and we can remember very little about the walk. At this stage of the Camino every day is like the last – easy and pretty paths, lots of pilgrims and few challenges. The only real noteable feature of the day is that we walked in light rain for about 2 hours – our dream run has finally come to an end.

We stayed in Arzúa, and the drying paint that we hoped for yesterday did not eventuate so there was very little of interest to see. Mark did have a haircut in the afternoon and at €9 it was way cheaper than Australian prices. 

Tomorrow promises pretty paths, lots or pilgrims and few challenges. It is a 20 kilometre walk to O’Pedrouzo


Before the rain started
Ominous clouds

The season is changing
Great Menu del Diâ
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