Day 41 – Arzúa to O Pedrouzo

Day 41 – Arzúa to O Pedrouzo

Date: 12 October 2018

Departure Time: 07:48 am
Arrival Time: 12:30 pm
Distance: 19 kms
Cumulative Distance: 788.7 kms
Percentage Completed: 85.33 %
Accommodation: Pensión a Solaina
Weather: Overcast, windy at times – 17 degrees

Today was a day of reasonably pretty but easy paths, lots of pilgrims and few challenges. We walked 20  kilometres to O’Pedrouzo today and look forward to finishing the Camino Frances tomorrow. After a rest day in Santiago on Sunday, we will commence the Camino de Finisterre to Muxía on Monday. This involves another 120 kilometres and six days of walking. 

We managed to beat the rain today and, as we write this in the mid afternoon while enjoying a few wines, the rain has finally started. Rain and thunderstorms are predicted for tomorrow, so we may get more rain on our last day of the Camino Frances than we did on the previous 41 days combined. We are very much looking forward to getting into Santiago as it is a very hospitable and historic place. 

The last few days of the Camino Frances have felt a bit less social, as a lot of our Camino friends have passed by us and are already finished. That is definitely a downside of booking all our hotels before we left Australia, as it does reduce one’s flexibility. We do keep reminding ourselves how privileged we are to have had the opportunity to have walk across Spain in good health and in good company.

Leaving Arzúa

Under 35 kilometres to Santiago

A unique beer bottle bar in O Outerio

The only flowers we saw today
Not sure what these are but they covered the path in places

2 thoughts on “Day 41 – Arzúa to O Pedrouzo

  1. So glad you guys are walking on to Muxia and Fisterre. It’s a different walk, which sounds strange. Beautiful but different. We enjoyed walking it with Patrick. I look forward to reading your reaction to arriving in Santiago, and to your thoughts of your second Camino Frances (especially as compared to your first).

    1. We start walking tomorrow. We have met up with two Australians who are going to walk it with us, so it should be fun. I only hopes the weather holds out.

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