Day 42 – Santiago de Compostela

Day 42 – Santiago de Compostela

Date: 2nd June 2017

Today was our final full day in Santiago. Tomorrow Cindy flies to Barcelona and the remaining four to Berlin. We all attended the Pilgrims mass in the Santiago Cathedral and were lucky enough to see the botafumeiro swing. Despite the fact that the mass was in Spanish the sentiment was very moving particularly when one looked at the collective solemnity on all the pilgrims’ faces. The organ music together with the solo singing performance by a nun was particularly moving. It was also our last chance to catch up on buying souvenirs and say good bye to new friends we had met on the Camino.

At this stage we have all said that we would not walk the Camino Frances again. However, we have been repeatedly told that many pilgrims change their view on this within twelve months of their return, as the magic and beauty of walking really gets into the blood and soul. So who knows……


End of the Pilgrim mass
Preparing to swing the Botafumeiro

The swinging Botafumeiro dispenses clouds of incense
Tomb of St James the Apostle
Gathering of pilgrims after mass
Artisan Gin and Tonic – Juniper berries included
Interior of the Parador

2 thoughts on “Day 42 – Santiago de Compostela

  1. Well done all, SUPER people! I’ve enjoyed your blog, Debra. Thank you for taking us on this journey. I imagine the Pilgrims Mass was a special finale to your Camino adventure.

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