Day 45 – Negreria to Olveiroa

Day 45 – Negreria to Olveiroa

Date: 16 October 2018

Departure Time: 11:30 am
Arrival Time: 12MD
Distance: 33 kms
Cumulative Distance: 864.2 kms
Percentage Completed: 93.5 %
Accommodation: As Pias
Weather: Early morning fog, beautiful sunny day – 17 degrees

Yesterday we asked what the word for “taxi” was in Spanish. We found out it was “taxi” , so we ordered one.  Whilst physically we are going very well, we really didn’t want to risk a 35 kilometre day and were quite happy to have a bit of a rest. Our pilgrim friends, Deb and Chris, decided to join us in the taxi. Hence, we had a leisurely morning, made even more pleasant by the belated knowledge that breakfast at our hotel was included in the price.

We are staying the night in the small hamlet of Olveiroa. We had reasonably low expectations of it, given it is a small farming community in the middle of nowhere. We had expected to be sitting around for much of the day up to our ears in cow manure. There was no manure in sight – it is a delightful well kept place with many food and accommodation options for pilgrims. The one curiosity is that it has no bus service yet it has multiple bus shelters.  Godot, where are you?

Tomorrow we walk to Cee, where we will see the sea (Si). We hope today’s sunshine continues but the forecast is a bit ominous. 

Marker for leaving Olveiroa tomorrow

Pristine gardens and streets

Apples still on the trees
Random people waiting for a bus

Bar at As Pias

2 thoughts on “Day 45 – Negreria to Olveiroa

  1. Hey!! I just realized that you two are still on the Camino walking and hopefully arriving at the coast soon. WOW is all I can say. I have so enjoyed the photos and account of each day’s activities. All the best and Buen Camino!!

    1. We are in Finisterre at the moment, walking to Lires today then Muxia tomorrow. It is bittersweet that it is coming to an end.

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