Day 47 – Cee to Finisterre

Day 47 – Cee to Finisterre

Date: 18 October 2018

Departure Time: 08:45 am
Arrival Time: 1:20 pm
Distance: 14 kms + 7 kms to Faro de Finisterre
Cumulative Distance: 896.2 kms
Percentage Completed: 96.97 %
Accommodation: Hotel Tematico Do Banco Azul
Weather: Sunny with a few cloudy periods – 17 degrees

Today we were rewarded with sunshine and ideal walking conditions. The walk to Finisterre was perhaps the most beautiful that we had walked the whole Camino. What was especially nice was having ever approaching views of the lighthouse at Cape Finisterre as we walked towards it through the rolling hills. Where the lighthouse is situated has long been considered “the end of the world” and has a distance marker of 0:00 kilometres. This is actually about 3.5 kilometres past the town of Finisterre itself, and we walked to it before checking into our hotel. 

Finisterre itself is a beautiful seaside town and our hotel was situated right on the waterfront.

One of our ongoing regrets since finishing the Camino Frances has been having lost contact with a number of people with whom we had shared earlier parts of our journey. To our surprise and delight, we actually ran into Peggy and Bob from Texas while we were having lunch and they joined us as they had  some free time on the bus tour that they had taken from Santiago. Later in the evening we then saw another of our early companions, Sandy from Minnesota, who had caught the bus from Santiago to spend two nights in Finisterre. She joined us (including Chris and Deb from Australia) for dinner, and hence this was a day of beautiful views and welcome reunions. 

Tomorrow we walk a short 14 kilometres to the small coastal hamlet of Lires.

The days are getting shorter now – still dark at 08:00
Looking back at Cee

Beautiful mossy stone wall
If you look closely you can see Faro de Finisterre

The beautiful views we saw today. Lighthouse is in the distance right at the end of the cape.

Statue on the way up to Faro de Finisterre

0:00 km waymarker at Faro de Finisterre

Faro de Finisterre

Mark and Sandy
Peg and Bob, and Deb

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    1. Thanks Julie. Arriving in Muxia was fantastic and watching the sunset over the Atlantic was a magical way to end our Camino.

  1. As I read your day 47, your Camino will be finishing. I hope it fulfilled its promise again to you. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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