Day 48 – Finisterre to Lires

Day 48 – Finisterre to Lires

Date: 19 October 2018

Departure Time: 09:20 am
Arrival Time: 1:30 pm
Distance: 13 kms + 1.5 kilometres for coastal deviation
Cumulative Distance: 909.2 kms
Percentage Completed: 98.37 %
Accommodation: As Eiras
Weather: Sunny with some clouds, windy – 20 degrees

The weather was again beautiful, although very windy. Most of the day’s walking was on trails through pine forests, which were very enchanting. We were also blessed with some beautiful views of the rugged coastline. There has been a general reduction in the number of pilgrims on the trail. After the massive reductions from Santiago, there has been a further diminution of pilgrims on the leg from Finisterre to Muxía. 

We are staying the night in the small hamlet of Lires which boasts pretty views of the beach and surrounding countryside. 

Tomorrow we have a 15 kilometre walk to Muxía and that will be the end of our Camino journey. Unreal.

Sunrise leaving Finisterre
Sitting on the “Banco Azul” – the bench the hotel was named after

View leaving Finisterre
Directing us to Muxía

Typical forest path – covered in pine needles

Horreos actually do have corn stored in them

First view of the coastline

View from the hotel window in Lires

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