Day 5 – Rest Day – Pamplona

Day 5 – Rest Day – Pamplona

Date: 6 September 2018

Today was a rest day in Pamplona. We had a leisurely breakfast at the hotel and then explored the laundromat. For two small loads of washing with drying, it cost €15. After completing the chores we ambled along the old town walls/fortifications. The walls date back to a time of historical significance –   we are no Wikipedia, so go Google it if interested. 

Ambling along fortifications is thirsty work, so we lunched at Cafe Iruña – a favourite haunt of Hemingway. After lunch, we bought a few provisions in various stores throughout the old town. Dinner consisted of vegetable paella and dessert. 

Our impression of Pamplona was extremely positive and we don’t really want to start walking again – “pilgrim failure” (just joking about the walking bit). Already we can see the walking wounded of other pilgrims around town, as the trail is already taking its toll. 

One reflection on the Camino so far is, that compared to last year, the average age of the pilgrim seems to have increased dramatically. However, this may be because when we walked last year we were more in sync, time wise, with northern hemisphere university holidays. Another comparative reflection is that many more pilgrims are using tour companies.

We both managed to get through the rest day with no blisters or injuries. Amazing!

Plaza del Castillo at 7 am
Doing the laundry
Fortifications around Pamplona

Cafe Iruña
Running of the Bulls statue
Bar Gaucho
Vegetable paella
Plaza del Castillo at 7 pm

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  1. We spent 4 days in Pamplona before starting our Camino last year. It is a beautiful little place to visit. I’m glad you had a day there to enjoy it.

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